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Understanding the Cost of Our Services at GT Hair Boutique

At GT Hair Boutique, we pride ourselves on offering specialized medical-grade alternative hair solutions and hair prostheses. Our focus is on providing products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also embody the highest standards of durability, quality, and comfort. Designed for regular wear, our hair solutions are long-lasting, ensuring you can enjoy a natural look and feel every day. Here's a closer look at how we structure the pricing for our services and products:

Scalp and Trichology Services

Our comprehensive scalp and trichology services are available at a fixed price. These services are essential for understanding the health of your scalp and hair follicles, enabling us to recommend the most effective treatment plans or hairpiece solutions tailored to your specific needs. Detailed information on these services, including pricing, can be found on our Scalp Services Page.


Hairpiece Maintenance 
Our hairpiece maintenance services are offered at a fixed price and are crucial for ensuring the longevity of your hairpiece.  For detailed information on what these services include and their pricing, please visit our Hairpiece Maintenance Services Page.

Custom Hair Pieces and Wigs: Tailored to Your Preferences

We specialize in crafting custom hair pieces and wigs that cater to individual preferences, lifestyle, and medical requirements. The cost of these bespoke solutions varies, reflecting the level of customization and the quality of materials used. Factors influencing the price include:

  • Type of Hairpiece: Options range from synthetic fibers to human hair, each offering distinct advantages.

  • Customization: Cap construction & size, hair density, length, and colour are tailored to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

  • Durability and Quality: Our pieces are built for everyday use, offering exceptional longevity and maintaining their appearance with proper care.

Budget-Friendly Options: Off-the-Shelf Pieces
Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we also offer off-the-shelf, in-stock pieces that can serve as a more budget-friendly option. These ready-made solutions provide an alternative for those seeking quality hairpieces without the need for extensive customization.

Financial Assistance and Support
Investing in a high-quality hair solution is a significant decision. To assist you, we offer guidance on:


  • Insurance Coverage: Your insurance may help in covering the costs of our services. We recommend checking with your provider to understand your benefits.

  • Tax Credits: Certain medical expenses, including hair prostheses, may qualify for tax credits. Consulting with a tax professional can help you understand potential financial benefits.

  • Support Programs: Assistance with costs may be available through programs offered by the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation (CANAAF), making these vital solutions more accessible.​

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General Pricing Guidelines
To help you navigate your options, here are our general pricing guidelines for hair toppers, wigs, and scalp analysis services:


Hair Toppers

  • Synthetic: Starting at $350

  • Human Hair: Starting at $550

  • Medical Grade: Starting at $1000



  • Synthetic: Starting at $250

  • Human Hair: Starting at $550

  • Medical Grade: Starting at $1000

Advanced Scalp Analysis with Trichologist

To start your scalp care journey: $129

Our Commitment to You
Choosing GT Hair Boutique means selecting a solution that integrates seamlessly into your life. Our medical-grade hair pieces and prostheses are designed to be durable, comfortable, and natural-looking, ensuring you feel confident every day.


Explore Your Options
Our team is here to help you navigate the selection of the right hair solution, taking into account both your aesthetic desires and budget. We are committed to making high-quality, comfortable, and durable hair solutions accessible to everyone.


Contact us today for more information or to schedule a personalized consultation. Let's work together to find the perfect solution for you, helping you move forward with confidence and style.

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