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About Us

At GT Hair Boutique, every strand counts, and every story matters. Founded over 25 years ago by the visionary and experienced Hyacinth Henry, our center began as a modest home-based business. Today, we proudly serve Southern Ontario with multiple locations, but our essence remains unchanged—a family-run center deeply rooted in genuine care for our clients.


Our mission is not merely to offer solutions but to truly understand and resolve the unique challenges each individual faces. Our extensive consultations ensure we genuinely address the underlying issues, and we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality solutions.


Our close-knit team radiates positivity, and each member carries a personal connection to the challenges our clients face, whether through personal experiences or loved ones. This genuine empathy drives our commitment to restore confidence and empower those we serve.


We're elated and humbled by the countless success stories we've been a part of. From individuals regaining their confidence post-chemotherapy, to those battling female pattern baldness, our client testimonials reflect the transformative journey we offer.


As active members of the community, we're affiliated with the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation, the London Regional Cancer Program, and the World Trichology Society. These affiliations underscore our dedication to research, community support, and staying at the forefront of hair loss solutions.


What sets us apart is our unique blend of a warm family atmosphere, a comprehensive range of services, and the profound expertise of Hyacinth. It's not just about hair—it's about reigniting self-confidence, joy, and the feeling of empowerment when our clients leave our centers with a reinvigorated spirit.


Join us on this transformative journey. Let GT Hair Boutique be a part of your story.

Our Partnerships & Support Network

GT Hair Boutique proud to be a member of and support various local organizations and foundations across Canada. We encourage our clients to explore these groups, whether to offer their support or to seek assistance, and to appreciate the breadth of work being done both locally and nationally.

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