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Why Some Wig Wearers Prefer A Human Hair Piece

There are different reasons women wear wigs. Other than as a solution to hair loss or any other medical problems, women are now exploring the many possibilities wigs offer. Here are some of the reasons women wear wigs:

1. Medical Reasons/Hair Loss/Thinning Hair

Whether it is only temporary or permanent, hair loss can be a traumatic experience for women. For most women, hair is a big part of their overall persona. Losing hair is more than just about being “vain,” and dealing with it can be very emotional. It leaves women with an even bigger loss—the loss of self-confidence. A wig will not only hide the problem, but it will also help women regain their self-confidence and feel great about themselves.

2. Confidence

Women’s hair affects their overall appearance. When they look at themselves in the mirror and seeing that they have amazing hair, they will feel beautiful. Looking good boosts their confidence, and having hair that looks good all the time is one way to make them feel confident about their looks.

3. Versatility/Change

Women change their makeup every day, why not their hair? Wearing a wig gives women the ease of versatility when it comes to style. There are hundreds of colours and styles of wigs to choose from. Changing hair colours, texture, and cut has never been easy.

Wigs will also let women change their hairstyle without subjecting their natural hair to harsh chemicals and going to a salon to spend hundreds of dollars. They can have the look that they want anytime, anywhere.

Human Hair Wig vs Synthetic Hair Wig

Sometimes, when you go wig shopping, you will have difficulties telling the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. They both look similar—until you look closely or ask an expert that the differences will be more apparent. Synthetic wigs now have a lot of technology incorporating in them to make them look at natural as possible.

The difference between the human hair wigs and synthetic hair is in the fibre. While synthetic hair is cheaper and can hold styles even after washing, a human hair wig can be the more preferred choice. Because it is made from human hair, it can look and feel natural. Plus, you can restyle human hair wigs.

Here are a few reasons that the human hair wig can be preferred over a synthetic wig:

1. Human hair wigs, despite being more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, is a better long-term investment, especially if you are planning to wear your wig regularly. With proper care they can be long lasting.

2. A human hair wig can look more natural and realistic than synthetic wigs. They are also remarkably soft with movement and shine just like natural hair. Virgin human hair wigs can last longer and can be coloured to match the existing colour of your natural hair or your preferred hair colour.

3. Human hair wigs can be styled and changed according to your preference. You can straighten or curl human hair wigs with heat styling irons.

4. Human hair wigs, like natural hairs can be easily washed, conditioned, and brushed.

Final Thoughts

Whatever reasons you have for wearing wigs, you have to take into consideration your budget, style, needs, and the time you can spend to style and care for the wig. If you are looking after quality and versatility, a human hair wig might be the best option for you.

If you’re looking for wigs in London, Ontario, get in touch with GT Hair Boutique to see how we can help.

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