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Warning Signs It's Time To Replace Your Wig

Wigs, whether made from natural or synthetic hair fibres, are excellent solutions for changing up your hair-do minus the commitment and risk of damaging your natural mane. Unlike other options, popping on wigs is easy, making it the ideal choice for busy-bees in the morning who want to sport a stylish look.

All things in life need maintenance and replacement one way or another, and while wigs have a long lifespan, the length largely depends on how well you take care of it. Seeing as wigs are made from human hair, it will need just as much cleaning, brushing, and caring. When done right, it can last you years - but how can you know when it’s time to let go and buy a new one?

Warning Signs that Reveal It’s Time to Replace Your Wig

Red Flag #1: Your Wig Can No Longer Maintain a Certain Style

The primary reason wigs are excellent for everyday use is that it keeps a certain style, allowing you to wake up and don the look you’re feeling for the day without overworking your natural hair every morning. Which means, curly wigs should maintain their curls, and the same goes for straight hair.

However, wigs can lose its lustre and volume after wear-and-tear, so if it doesn’t hold its original style after washing, then it’s time to buy a new wig and switch up your hair-do. Consequently, the practice applies to both synthetic and natural hair wigs.

Red Flag #2: Your Wig is No Longer Shiny

Everybody dreams of having shiny locks as it is a cosmetically pleasing indicator of a healthy and well-nourished hair. Washing and styling your natural hair every day will cause it to lose its lustre, that’s why people opt for synthetic or human hair wigs.

You can also apply products that enhance the healthy glint on your wig, but if you notice that you’re relying on these products too often to make it look shiny, it’s a red flag that indicates your wig is well past its prime.

Red Flag #3: Your Wig is Suffering from Dry and Frizzy Ends

Wigs are supposed to be a quick and easy way to achieve smooth and voluminous locks, but if your wig is in a tangled mess more than your natural bed hair, there’s something wrong with your wig.

Treating your wig to keep its softness and silkiness shouldn’t require too much effort, so if you spend hours trying to tone mattness down a notch, it’s time to put the comb down and replace your wig.


Just like many products in your shelf, everything meets its expiry date one way or another. However, losing the style and lustre of your wig doesn’t mean it deserves to be thrown away. There are various establishments that accept wig donations to provide for cancer patients, so it’s better to maximize its full potential even at the end of your wig’s life.

With that in mind, buying a new wig also brings excitement as it means playing around with a new look. Treat yourself to a brand new do once you notice the warning signs above!

If you’re looking for clip-in hair extensions and wig selections in London Ontario, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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