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Tips to Make A Hair Topper Look Natural

One of the best things about using hair toppers is you have a ton of options to choose from. However, when it comes to actually wearing them, it gets tricky. It may seem like no matter how many videos of wearing hair toppers you try to emulate, the topper still doesn't look natural on you. The key thing to remember is that more often than not, the main reason for a fake-look hair topper comes from the way we preserve and apply it. To help you make your hair toppers look natural moving forward, here's a quick guide that you can follow:

How to make toppers look natural

Pick the right hair colour and shade with a multi-dimensional effect.

Natural hair can sometimes change colour, especially when exposed to light. For instance, someone who has a hair base colour of dark brown can have their hair change to medium brown or dark bronze under sunlight. Because of this, you should check what your lace colour looks like under the light. Mix those two colours and make an ombre colour to create a multi-dimensional effect.

Apply the hair topper correctly.

Open all the pressured clips on the underside of the topper.

Place it on your targeted bald spot and secure the clips at the front first.

Lay the base flat of the topper, then press the back clips, along with both of the side clips.

Keep the base tightly to secure any remaining clips.

Use a brush to blend topper into your hair, then style your hair as desired

Keep your eyes on the position of the topper and blend it as much as possible into your hair. This is to make sure that it covers the hair loss naturally.

Proper maintenance tips for hair toppers

Only use dedicated stuff to wash hair toppers.

To take good care of your hair topper, make it a point to only use maintenance items exclusively designed for hair toppers. A wide-tooth comb or a brush specifically crafted for hair toppers can help prevent the strands from falling apart. When washing, avoid using sulphate shampoo and conditioner can reduce tangles and twists. Just like your real hair, toppers can dry due to sulphate. Plus, when drying it out, use a towel to absorb water after washing.

Protect the topper from sunlight.

Sunlight and heat typically damage the hair and your toppers by breaking the fibres down and dulling the colour. To keep your hair toppers moisturized, you should store it in a dry and cool place when not in use. Not only will this be helpful in protecting its style, but also its durability. If you're going to use your topper and know that you will be exposed to sunlight, apply a heat protecting spray.

Store the topper properly when travelling.

If you're going to haul your topper around, use a ziplock bag and make sure it's neat before placing it inside. Bring a conditioning spray with you to keep the fibres of the topper strong all day. You should also bring extra toppers when travelling. That way, in case you want to swim or lose your topper, you have an immediate replacement to cover your hair loss.


To make your hair toppers look natural, you should pick the right colour, apply it on your head properly, and conduct proper maintenance. If you're in need of quality hair toppers and hair extensions, visit us at GT Hair Boutique today. We offer top-notch hair extensions in London, Ontario, that can accommodate your needs.

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