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Do's and Donts For Wig Maintenance & Care

Over the years, wigs have increasingly become popular, and trends have expanded to cater to the growing consumer demands. Technological advancements and materials have shaped how women (and men) use wigs in a variety of ways. However, without proper care and maintenance, these stylish pieces can turn into nightmares.

Whether you are new to using wigs or have been using one for many years, it is always good to keep yourself up-to-date with what you should and should not do when it comes to wig maintenance. To ensure maximum comfort, here are several practices you should and should not do with your wigs:


1. Do use a wig stand. Keeping your wig on a stand when you’re not using it will help keep it in shape and away from any items that could pull or tangle the hair strands, or damage it. Keep your wig in one place to ensure that you don’t misplace them and spend hours frantically searching for them when you need to use them.

2. Do style or curl your wig when it is on your head. It is easier to shape your wig based on the contour of your head. This also removes any need for a re-style, making styling more convenient and easy.

3. Do choose a natural hairline to achieve a flawless and seamless look. To achieve this natural hairline, ensure that your hair is hidden and the front of your wig is lined up with your hairline.

4. Do try them on first before buying. It is the best way to know whether or not the wig suits you well and will look natural on you. Because not every hairstyle suits everyone, one good thing about trying on wigs before buying is that you can try different colours and hairstyles without having to chop off or dye your hair. Make sure that you purchase your wig from a reputable company and one that has a flexible return policy.


1. Don’t cheat yourself by getting a cheap wig that won’t last very long or will make you look unpleasant. This is why you need to invest in good quality real human-hair wig. The ones made of virgin Indian human hair are the most recommended for replicating the movement, feel and look of the “real hair.” Unlike synthetic hair wigs that have the artificial look sheds, human-hair wigs can be flipped, dyed, clipped, and even curled.

2. Don’t wear your wig 24/7 because your natural hair and scalp also need to breathe, so make sure that you remove your wig when not needed. Whether you want to remove your wig every night or every other day, it is crucial to take a break from wearing your wig to ensure that your head and scalp remain healthy.

3. Don’t sleep or shower while wearing your wig. Showering or sleeping with your wig on can cause serious tangles that can be difficult to comb out. On the other hand, the high water pressure from showering can cause damage to the fibres, and sleeping with it on can also destroy the overall shape of your wig.

Having new wigs can be overwhelming but with the right knowledge of proper maintenance, rocking the wig the way you want it is simple. For more questions about wig care and maintenance, contact GT Hair today and see how we can best help you.

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