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9 Things To Know To Keep Your Hair Healthy Under A Wig

If you're wearing a wig, either your hairline is receding, or you're having a bad hair day. Not only do they make you look better, but it also boosts your confidence. So, whether you're trying to hide your hairline, or lazy to fix up your hair, do not ignore your real hair! By not caring for your real hair, you can end up damaging it, creating an unnecessary bigger issue!

Here are eight ways to keep your real hair healthy while still wearing the wigs:

1 - Scalp Massage

Wearing a wig can constrict blood flow to your head. With less blood flow, your hair becomes sickly, which then starts falling off! When you take off the wig, give your head a massage to promote blood flow and ease any tension on it.

2 - Nylon Netting Wigs

Both nylon netting and cotton wigs interfere with hair growth and can even damage your hairline. When looking for new wigs, look for one's lines that come with gel. The gel is great as it protects your hairline and skin.

3 - Wig Liner

Before you place on the wig on your head, make sure to wear a wig liner first. This is to ensure that your hair is safe. If you're looking for wig liners, look for ones that are made of silk as they won't absorb moisture, unlike cotton or nylon.

4 - Damp Hair

If your hair is damp and you place a wig on top, bacteria and fungus will likely start to grow. Mildew can even grow because of the heat and moisture trapped inside. So, make sure your hair is completely dry before doing wearing the wig.

5 - Trimming

Once in a while, you should get your hair trimmed by a professional. It helps get rid of dead ends and damaged hair. This then ensures that your hair stays healthy and grows quickly.

6 - Care Products

Most wigs are made of fibres which inhibits moisture from reaching your head. This can contribute to hair loss. Consult your hairdresser and ask what shampoo and conditioner can be used to keep your hair and head well moisturized. If you're suffering from hair loss or some other hair-related issues, make sure that you're even allowed to use wigs along with the treatment in the first place.

7 - Sleeping

Never sleep while still wearing your wig. Firstly, this is because your scalp needs fresh air. Secondly, the wig can constrict your hair, causing hair loss. When you remove the wig, apply some water-based moisturizer and focus on the dead ends.

8 - Shampoo

Just because you're wearing a wig doesn't mean you don't have to care for your real hair anymore. Regularly clean your hair with soap and shampoo to keep them healthy and moist.

If you're going to wear a wig, make sure your hair is treated well and bundled up around your head or made into cornrows. Not only does it keep your hair neatly tucked inside and from becoming damaged, but it also ensures that your wig fits snugly and evenly.

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