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5 Tips For Choosing and Maintaining A Hair Topper

A lot of women today invest in hair toppers because these products give quick solutions to hair thinning and hair loss problems. It is also popular for women who have flat hair, as hair toppers help give hair significant volume.

Hair toppers can be made from synthetic heat defiant fibre or from real human hair. Regardless of which, these are easy to use and are lightweight, which makes it ideal for everyday wear. Plus, hair toppers come with different colours, lengths, thicknesses, sizes, and styles to make sure that every woman can benefit from it.

There are a variety of toppers that you can choose from, but you must select the right hair topper for yourself. With that said, here are five tips to help you out:

Tip #1: Choose the same hair colour as your current hair colour

Unlike wigs, hair toppers only cover a portion of your head. It has a smaller base that you clip onto your hair. When you put it on, it should blend naturally with your real hair. Hence, you must choose a topper which is close, if not the same, to your hair colour.

Wearing the same shade will make it easier for you to cover your hair thinning and cover up areas with significant hair loss.

Tip #2: Add one inch to your measurement

Before purchasing a hair topper, you must first assess how much hair thinning and hair loss you have. This is so you’ll know precisely which size of topper you’ll need. If you have the right-sized base, it will look more natural on your head. Also, you’ll feel more comfortable wearing it.

How to get the right measurement for your hair topper:

  1. Using a measuring tape, measure the widest point of the area with hair loss, from front to back and side to side.

  2. Make sure to add one inch of measurement to all sides, as this will be the base size for the hair topper.

Adding an extra inch to your measurement is important for allowing your topper to attach to your hair comfortably. Make sure that the hair you're clipping the topper onto is healthy and can support the weight of the topper. If you’re not confident doing the clipping yourself and you wanted to avoid any error, ask a friend to help you out.

Additionally, retake your measurements every six months to ensure that you are wearing the correct base size. Wearing the wrong size can damage your hair.

Tip #3: Wash it every two weeks

Unlike your natural hair, hair toppers don’t need regular washing since it doesn’t collect oils from your scalp, and so it doesn’t get greasy.

Experts recommend that you wash it only every two weeks. Washing it too often will reduce its longevity and it will dry out faster, which won’t look good when worn.

Tip #4: Use sulphate-free hair products

Typically, toppers can last from six months to one year with daily wear, and only if you take good care of it. If you want to prolong its longevity, store it properly when you’re not wearing it to prevent dust from collecting on it.

Most importantly, make sure that you wash your toppers using sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners. It doesn’t strip oil from the hair, and so it will help prevent your topper from drying out. To make it stay soft and looking nourished, use deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and serums regularly.

Tip #5: Dye light-shade hair topper to match your hair colour

In case you can’t find hair toppers that match your hair colour, you can dye light shade toppers to get your right shade, but make sure not to do the opposite and bleach the topper, as it will get damaged very easily. Only natural black shade toppers can withstand bleaching, so keep that in mind.


A lot of women suffer from hair thinning and hair loss. Fortunately, the beauty industry is continually making products such as hair toppers to help women with these issues. Hair toppers are a great solution for covering up hair loss or just for generally making your hair thicker. Just make sure that you use a hair topper best suited for yourself so you can confidently wear your hair out wherever you go.

If you’re searching for hair toppers in London, Ontario, check out our products. We install hair toppers as well—contact us to learn more!

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