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Why Choose Classic Hair Extensions: Their 5 Main Advantages

There are two common types of clip-in hair extensions: classic hair extensions and seamless hair extensions. The two differ in the kind of effect they give to the user. If you are confused about which one is best for you, this article will tell you why you should consider classic hair extensions.

Why Classic Still Is the Best Among the Available Types of Hair Extensions

1: The Hair Is Stitched onto Fabric

Other hair extensions use silicone and other materials as the base. While they may be thinner when placed in the hair, the beauty of a fabric-stitched weft is that it is thicker and more flexible. Therefore, it is sturdier and can be used in more hairstyles than other options.

2: Gives Your Hair That Added Volume

Not all hair is created equal. Some are thinner than others, and for these hair types, people appreciate thickness. That is what classic hair extension can give your hair. Since its base is thicker, it immediately adds volume from the roots. By using classic hair extensions, your hair can get the lifting and fullness it needs.

3: Perfect Solution for Ponytails and Other Updos

Ponytail hair extensions are specially made for an updo, but it is not the perfect cut for everyone. In some cases, ponytail hair extensions are not enough to give the ideal volume people desire. Sometimes, ponytails can be too thin or too short for the person.

The good news is that classic hair extensions can still do the job well. Since it is has a thicker base, it can immediately give your hair its much-needed volume. The fabric base also makes it flexible. You can twist and turn it until you get your desired look. Other hair extensions cannot provide the same flexibility and versatility.

4: Many Varieties to Choose From

What makes classic hair extensions classic is the many options to choose from. It can cater to every person’s needs. Whether you are looking for short or long hair extensions, thick or thin hair extensions, they can do the job.

5: Best for Those With Short and Thick Hair

Extensions are meant to extend people’s hair, so it is the best solution for those with short hair. However, finding the right hair extensions can be a struggle for people with short but thick hair. These people need extensions that are thick enough at the roots to make the ends look seamless.

That is not a problem with classic hair extensions. Its fabric-stitched weft does an excellent job of adding volume. Moreover, the collection comes in various volumes, giving you great options to choose from.


These advantages are just some of the classic hair extensions’ many benefits. If you think it is the solution to your hair problem, try it out. Just make sure to get quality extensions using real human hair so you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

If you need clip-in hair extensions from a reliable supplier, try our hair extensions here at GT Hair Boutique. We specialize in supplying and installing premium hair extensions, serving London, Ontario, and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of hair solutions, depending on what you need. Contact us at (226) 212-4999 to know more.

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