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Reasons Why Tape In Extensions Are Great

Hair extensions can help you feel more confident in yourself and look better, there are various colours and styles from which you can choose from. There are also many hair extension methods to choose from: fusion, keratip, microtip, sew-in wefts, and tape-in hair extensions. Which hair extension method is best?

Three advantages of tape extensions

Many people consider tape-in hair extensions as the best in terms of cost, practicality, and appearance. This is why many hair salons worldwide use tape extensions. The following reasons make tape extensions the best hair extension method:

Tape extensions are affordable

Compared to individual hair extensions, tape extensions are made using more economical materials and are also produced faster. You don’t have to spend much time applying this hair treatment. All of these characteristics of tape-in extensions help lower their price. Unlike the fusion method, this technique uses no electricity and the maintenance costs associated with tape extensions are much lower as well.

Tape-in extensions roughly have the same cost as clip-in hair extensions. However, tape-in extensions are more durable yet lightweight compared to clip-in hair extensions, giving you more value for your money.

When buying tape extensions, however, make sure to choose high-quality ones. Tape-in extensions made of high-quality material will not tear, detach, tangle, or harden. You can save more money in the long run by using high-quality tape extension brands.

Tape extensions are easy to maintain

The strands of tape-in extensions and overall thickness of each bundle are only at 1.5 inches wide. This makes tape-in extensions easier to maintain than clip-in hair extensions. You merely let a beautician attach the tape extensions to your existing hair and wear it for three months without even realizing you put it there. There’s no need for special chemical treatments or constant manual manipulation to keep your extensions intact—tape extensions are that convenient. Yet, again, you have to use a good quality tape-in hair extension brand for an easy and hassle-free experience.

Tape extensions are safe and preserve your natural hair

Tape-in extensions improve your hair’s overall experience without causing long-term damage. Firstly, they are thin and lightweight. In contrast, clip-in extensions can pull off strands because of their weight, producing patches of baldness on your scalp. This is the reason why you can’t use clip-in hair extensions for three days straight or more. On the other hand, tape extensions “rides” on your hair as it grows, which makes it a good option for longer-term hair improvement.

Tape-in extensions also don’t have the heat or chemicals involved in some individual extension methods. This makes tape-in extensions a safer option compared to individual extensions. Avoid split ends, burns, and tangles that can make you lose hair by choosing tape-in extensions instead.

Choosing your hair extension method

The reason you will want to choose a hair extension treatment is to gain, not lose, hair in the quickest and cheapest way possible and a tape-in extension gives you that.

If you’re looking for hair extensions in London, Ontario - get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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