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Ponytail Extensions: What Are They and How Are They Worn

The ponytail extension offers a potential way to get bouncy, voluminous hair instantly. It can also be used to change up hairstyles and create looks that would otherwise not be possible. Curly ponytail extensions are a great way to add texture to hair as well.

Ideal Hairstyles With Ponytail Extensions


  • Secure ponytail extension to your head's crown.

  • Split it into two sections.

  • Twist each section until there are two long twists.

  • Wrap twists around each other for a thick rope braid.

  • Wrap rope braid around itself at the base.

  • Secure with bobby pins.

Low ponytail

  • Tie hair at the nape.

  • Wrap the extension around your hair.

Steps For Doing A Ponytail With Extensions

1. Pull hair into a ponytail

Brush hair into a ponytail, making sure the highest point of the ponytail located slightly higher than where you wish to wear it. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie.

2. Brush ponytail extension

Brush through a ponytail extension to remove tangles. Use a brush, wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush.

3. Secure ponytail extensions

Slide comb underneath the hair tie at the ponytail's topside. Wrap velcro base around the ponytail. Ensure it's secure and tightly overlapped.

4. Cover ponytail base

Wrap hair strand around ponytail base for the band to be hidden. Use bobby pins to secure it in place.

5. Check how secure it is

Move or shake your head to check whether the ponytail is secure enough.

It is possible to cut extensions, while most of them come in a standard length of 20". When it comes to washing, this should be done sparingly. A good rule of thumb is to wash if there's too much product buildup, every 30 wears or so.

Here are some of the top advantages of using ponytail extensions:

Allows For More Possibilities In Terms Of Hairstyles

Ponytail extensions allow you to create all sorts of different styles for your hair. You can braid your ponytail, or if you prefer, leave it loose. With clip-ins, you can wear just about any style imaginable. Consider styles such as:

  • Braided ponytails

  • Clip-in ponytail extensions

  • High ponytails

  • Low ponytails

  • Voluminous buns

Creates Ponytails That Are Bouncier, Fuller and Longer

If your ponytails aren’t Elle Woods level, that’s because they’re thin, short, dry or brittle. Ponytail extensions provide the solution to all those issues. It can make them bouncier, fuller and longer according to your preferences.

Second (Or Third) Day Hair Can Be Transformed From Home

If you haven't washed your hair in days, you're not alone. Thankfully, if you suddenly have plans over video call, you won't have to scramble. Previously, greasy or oily hair would stand in the way of these plans, but now you can make any day a good hair day with clip-in extensions.


Ponytail extensions are a great way to volume and bounce to hair immediately. Ideal hairstyles with it include the bun and low ponytail. People who have textured hair, on the other hand, have curly extensions available to them.

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