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Our Ultimate Summer Hair Extensions Guide: Summer Care Tips

We can finally say goodbye to the cold and welcome the warm breeze of summer. With this sunny season being just around the corner, it only makes sense to start getting ready for beach-filled days, poolside hangouts, and fun vacations.

Now that we're slowly getting ready to enjoy sunnier days, it's the perfect time to start thinking about how we can take care of our hair extensions and ensure they look shiny and fresh this upcoming season. This is especially important because our hair extensions are more at risk for damage because of the extreme environmental factors we'll expose them to.

If you're curious to know how to keep your hair extensions looking fresh and shiny for the summer months, read on. Here are some summer hair extensions essential tips you should know:

1. Protect Your Hair When You Go Out for a Swim

Summer means you can spend days on the beach or pool to help you cool down. Although we won't tell you to avoid the water altogether, you need to be extra careful, so you can protect your hair extensions when you go for a dip.

Essentially, you should treat your hair extensions as you would regular hair, but with a tad bit more care. This is because the bonds and tape may wear away when in contact with too much water. For this reason, after going for a swim, pat dry your extensions right away to prevent any damage.

2. Avoid Heating Styling Tools as Much as You Can

Of course, you'll want to look your best when you hit the streets. But remember, you're already going to spend your day under the sun, so it may be best to ditch your heating tools for a while.

Instead of using straighteners and curling irons to style your hair, look for no-heat methods that could give you the same stylish results. Not only will you protect your hair from breakage and fall-out, but you'll also ensure that your hair extensions stay and look healthy throughout the summer months.

3. Stay Away From Damaging Oils and Lotions

When your hair gets into contact with oils and lotions, such as sunblocks and tanning oils, chances are you build moisture in your extensions and weaken the tape attached to them.

With that being said, be careful when you apply lotion and oils to your body and wash your hands immediately after application. This way, you can protect the roots of your extensions, ensuring they stay on the whole time.

4. Condition Your Hair More

The key to healthy and happy locks and hair extensions is keeping them hydrated. And to do that, the best thing to do is to condition your hair more and shampoo your hairless. However, when you're doing this, avoid your roots in the process.

When you condition your hair and hair extensions, you lock in the moisture and glow of your hair, helping them look extra healthy and bouncy even during hot months. Besides that, it'll be much easier to comb your hair, which is an essential step to keeping your hair maintained and away from tangles.

The Bottom Line: Before Enjoying the Hot Summer Months, Remember to Take Extra Steps in Caring for Your Hair Extensions

Now that summer is just around the corner, besides flipping your wardrobe and bringing out all your summer clothes, it's time to put the spotlight on your hair as well and ensure that your locks are summer-ready.

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