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Our Ultimate Guys To Wigs, Weaves and Extensions

Stigma used to follow those who chose to wear wigs, weaves, and extensions. Most people assume that women who wear these lack confidence, believing that these women have no love or appreciation for their natural hair. Fortunately, there’s been a recent shift from such assumptions, as more people in the mainstream (even celebrities!) have chosen to adorn their crowns with wigs, weaves, and extensions.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, wigs and weaves actually help protect your natural hair. Donning wigs and weaves helps your natural hair take a break from daily maintenance routines involving chemicals and heat. Instead of ironing or blow-drying your hair every single day and topping it with extra pumps of hairspray, most women just choose to wear wigs. Moreover, most women use wigs for medical reasons. When hair loss or damage happens, wearing wigs is a great way to protect the hair as it heals and grows back.

If you wish to rock your very own wig, weave, or hair extensions, but remain confused about their differences, this guide is for you! We’ve also compiled a list of their advantages and disadvantages, to help make the decision-making even easier.

The Difference Between Weaves, Wigs, and Extensions

A wig is a head covering usually made from human hair. Animal hair and synthetic fibre are also used, but many still prefer wigs made out of human hair, as it exudes a more natural look. Essentially, a wig functions like a hat you can put on and take off easily.

A weave, on the other hand, is sewn down onto braided natural hair, making it semi-permanent. Unlike weaves, hair extensions are usually clipped, glued and at times sewed. Simply put, every weave can be considered as a type of hair extension, but not all extensions are considered as weaves.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Wigs

Most people choose to wear wigs because unlike hair colours and weaves, they’re noncommittal. If you wish to rock blue hair today and green the next, you’re free to do so!

The advantages

Plenty of options for styling - You’re saved the hassle of colouring and bleaching your hair, as you can use a wig for different hairstyles and occasions instead

Inexpensive and lasts long - With proper care and maintenance, wigs can last for long periods of time. In the long run, this also saves you money

Helps protect your natural hair - If you’re trying to heal hair damage or loss, a wig serves as the perfect form of protection for your damaged strands. Through the use of wigs, you’re protected from the heat of the sun and other harmful pollutants

The disadvantages

You need to reinstall wigs daily - Experts advise to not sleep or shower with your wigs on. For that reason, wigs need to be taken off and put on daily

They aren’t secure enough - Wigs aren’t sewed on, so if they’re not properly put on, there is a risk of them falling off

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Weaves or Hair Extensions

Weaves or hair extensions are for people who wish to alter their hairstyle more permanently. Due to its nature, weaves and hair extensions cannot easily be taken off.

The advantages

Plenty of hairstyle options - Through weaves and extensions, you have the freedom to choose any hairstyle without cutting, blow-drying, or any kind of altering through the use of chemicals

Weaves and hair extensions are more secure - Weaves and hair extensions are attached to individual strands of your hair through sewing and gluing

More natural - Weaves and extensions work with your natural hair. Volume and length are merely added, so the results are more natural-looking

The disadvantages

Can cause hair loss - Improper application (such as braiding the hair too tight) can actually lead to hair loss and damage

Can be costly - Installation costs a lot and maintenance ultimately adds up

Which should you choose?

Each option offers respective advantages and disadvantages, and the decision will depend ultimately on your hair condition and personal preferences. Wigs are better for people dealing with hair loss and damage, while weaves and extensions give a more natural look for people with relatively healthy hair.

If you’re looking for hair extensions and wigs in London, Ontario, get in touch with us. We specialize in providing premium services for our customers. Whatever hairstyle you want, we’ll get it done!

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