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How to Wear Hair Extensions If You Have Thin & Fine Hair

Hair extensions are an appealing solution that you might be interested in if you want to add more volume and length to your thin hair. It's a great idea because extensions made from 100% human hair blend perfectly with your hair and look amazingly natural.

However, you might be worried that because you have fine and thin hair, it won’t be able to support the extensions and may even result in irreversible damage to your tresses. The good news is while it can be trickier to conceal and blend the extensions, there are a few tricks that you can do to make it look as natural as possible:

Don’t Add Too Much Hair

If you have thin hair, you must be careful not to wear too many hair extension pieces or heavy ones that can excessively pull on your hair. When there’s too much weight pulling on your hair, it can cause breakage right from the root.

Clip-in hair extensions may be recommended for thicker hair, but you can still use this even if you have thin hair but make sure to stick to 120g sets that are not as heavy as others. You might also want to consider tape-in hair extensions like the ones from GT Hair Boutique. These are better for thin hair because each weft is small and lightweight. You also get to decide how many wefts are going to be taped in.

Add More Grip to Your Hair

Fine hair is often so soft and straight that hair extensions might slip easily. As such, you need to add some grip to your hair so that the extensions won’t slip off. Some of the things that you can use are dry shampoo or volumizing powder. Both can add more volume to your hair right from the roots, absorb excess oil, and add more texture and grip so that the extension will hold better.

You can also style your hair in ways that will give it more texture; backcombing is an excellent example of this. You can backcomb or tease your hair, place the weft on that part, and then tease at the crown to tie the look.

If teasing is not your style, you can just crimp your hair’s roots to add more lift and better hide the clips or the wefts under.

Choose Only 100% Human Hair

Even for those with thick hair, choosing only 100% human hair goes without saying, but even more so for people with thin and fine hair. You should only use human hair extensions because you want them to look as close as possible to your natural hair.

Style Your Hair in Curls or Waves

When you curl your hair or at least do waves, your hair has more volume, and blending hair extensions with your own will be easier. It will also “blur” the line that shows where your hair ends, and the extensions begin to give it a more seamless appearance.


The use of hair extensions maybe a little more challenging for people with thin and fine hair compared to those with thicker hair. However, that doesn't mean that if your hair is thin and fine that you won't get to enjoy the fun and luxurious feeling of wearing hair extensions. This just means that you must consider the tips discussed above to ensure that you get the best results with your extensions!

If you are looking for tape-ins or clip-in hair extensions in Ontario, look no further. GT Hair Boutique has different styles of hair extensions in an array of colors that you'll surely love. Check out our collection of 100% human hair extensions today and place your order!

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