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How To Maintain Soft and Healthy Hair Extensions

Like old clothes and worn out tires, your hair extensions won’t look soft and full of lustre forever. They’ll eventually lose their shine and start drying out. It happens because your hair’s natural oils don’t reach the artificial parts. As such, your natural hair remains soft and shiny, while your extensions become brittle and dry. However, you can still extend their lifespan by developing healthy hair care habits.

How to care for your hair extensions

Although your scalp’s natural oils won’t refresh your hair extensions, you can still follow specific guidelines to treat them properly. Regularly performing these habits can help extend their lifespan to reduce the number of visits you have to your local salon.

If you want to extend the health of your hair extensions, here are five tips you should follow:

1. Wash them with the right materials

The best way to keep your hair extensions healthy is by using the right cleaning agents. Don’t use products that have sulphate and paraben since they can strip your hair extension’s moisture and frizziness.

When it comes to washing, you should only do so after 10 to 20 wears. Submerge your hair extensions in a shampoo and water solution for over ten minutes. Afterward, rinse them thoroughly before conditioning.

2. Treat them with conditioner

Having well-conditioned hair extensions is the key to keeping them soft and glossy. You can use a heat up or leave-in treatment for this. Similar to your brand of shampoo, you should make sure that it doesn’t have sulphate and paraben ingredients. As you’re treating them, remember to moisturize their ends adequately. Keep in mind that leaving the conditioner for longer than half an hour won’t give you better results, so you should time yourself accordingly.

3. Keep them away from the sun

Leaving your hair extensions under the sun can damage its outer cuticles. Because of this, the hair strand’s inside shaft is exposed, making it dry out faster. If you have to wear them outdoors, you should use a heat protect spray to give them extra protection. Wearing a hat or packing an umbrella also helps keep the sun’s damage to a minimum.

4. Avoid bleaching them

Like your natural hair, your extensions are prone to sustaining damage over time if you bleach or dye them. Although some products have dyed colours, these items already went through professional recoloring treatments. You shouldn’t try to bleach or stain them yourself since it can cause severe damage to its shade and strength. Instead of dyeing them, you should focus on balancing your natural hair colour to match your extensions.

5. Store them in safe spaces

A recurring reason hair extensions lose their look faster is when people store them improperly. If you leave them tied to a knot, you can damage it over time due to wear and tear from brushing them out. You should tie them at their clips and keep them inside a box or hanger with enough space to hold its length.


All things will eventually have an expiration. That is true even for your hair extensions. However, with the right treatment and care, you can make it last for as long as you want to maintain your current look.

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