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How to Prevent Ruining Your Tape-In Hair Extensions

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

For those struggling with thin or short hair that doesn't seem to grow at the average rate, or even those sporting haircuts they regret, it's time to reveal the answer to your worries! Tape-in hair extensions serve as one essential solution for people dealing with unruly hair and are hoping to look good with the temporary resources that are available in the market.

It is an investment worth considering—but only if you're serious about it, as the hair extensions and the installation will require a good deal of commitment. Not only will you have to undergo a lengthy process for putting it on, but you will have to ensure to maintain your tape-in extensions so that you can expect to benefit from it for a long time. Failing to care for your extensions will lead to unwanted results, which is why it's best to know in advance what you need to do to care for it.

If you want to find out some tips on keeping your tape-in hair extensions in good condition, then keep reading below.

Consult With a Professional Stylist

The most important hair extension tip you must always remember is to depend on no one but a professional hairstylist who's certified to apply the extension correctly. Putting on hair extensions is considered a form of art that not everyone can master, primarily since it follows a particular step-by-step procedure to perfect.

If you settle with the first stylist you encounter that offers the most affordable rates, they may not be able to guarantee that they have the right training to handle such a procedure. As a result, they might do badly and end up hurting you during it. Not only that, but they could damage your natural hair and make your situation worse than before.

Clarify Your Hair Before the Extensions

As soon as you select the right human hair extensions to tape into your hair, you must go out of your way and apply a clarifying shampoo onto your natural hair to cleanse it properly. When you eliminate the unwanted oil and dirt from your hair, you can guarantee that your extensions will stick firmly without any chance of falling off.

When your hair is clean, you decrease the chances of experiencing a slip-up of your tape-in extensions. People who skip the step of clarifying their hair are more likely to have a problem with how long it will last on their hair.

Wash Your Hair When Necessary

Once the tape-in hair extensions have been positioned in your hair, you are highly encouraged not to wet your hair for at least forty-eight hours. That's because the tape of the extensions needs to settle and become firm to maintain a significant hold on your natural hair.

Once two days have gone by, hair experts advise people to wash their hair only twice a week. It will allow the extensions to stick to your hair better and prevent moisture from ruining them. When you do cleanse your hair, make sure to perform gentle movements, avoid the wefts, and try to prevent your hair products from affecting the tape.


The goal when taking care of your tape-in hair extensions is to minimize the chances of making mistakes and doing your best to maintain them on your hair. If you want a hassle-free experience of looking your best, remember to consult with a professional hairstylist, clarify your hair before the installation, and wash your hair only when necessary.

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