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How to look always look your best - even with damaged hair!

When choosing a hairstyle, you might usually place most of your focus on the look you’re going for or the event that you’re going to. For instance, you might want to try a more polished up-do for a wedding, or a tight low bun for a session at the gym. But how much do you think about the condition of your hair before deciding how to style it? Healthy hair is sure to look great in any style, but if you’ve managed to damage your hair somehow, certain styles may not be the best choice for a stunning effect.

Too many heat-destroyed curls or frayed ends to make that high ponytail look good? Don’t panic! Though you may not always be all the way confident in how your mane looks, there are a few ways that you can switch up how you style your hair to emphasize the best parts of your tresses. Here are just a few of the ways to work with your hair to enhance your look - split ends, breakage and all!

If you’ve got a lot of split ends or hair that’s thinning closer to the ends, try stylishly tucking those ends. Styles like high buns, low buns and even halo braids are perfect for disguising your damage while still maintaining a fashionable look. You can even add hair extensions to thicken up your hair and cover up some of those pesky ends.

For curly girls, heat-damaged curls that have lost all of their volume can be thrown into a sleek low bun for a classic style. You can also try French braids, Dutch braids or double cornrows if you have longer hair, or cute mini buns if your hair is a bit shorter.

Although you might not have realized that styling your hair in a certain way can cure any problems that you might be having with hair damage, give it a try! You will definitely be surprised at just how much your look changes when you work with your hair and not against it.

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