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How To Keep Your Hair Extensions Soft

If you’ve just purchased a fresh set of hair extensions, say hello to long and luscious locks! Now, the challenge is how to care for your new hair, so it stays looking beautiful and fresh. Whether you choose clip-ins or permanent extensions, it is crucial to have a proper aftercare routine to prevent them from becoming dry and damaged. After all, high-quality hair extensions don’t come cheap! Read on for our top tips on how you can keep your weaves looking gorgeously soft for as long as possible.

For Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are great because they’re versatile and convenient. But because they’re easily removable, they are more prone to becoming damaged and brittle. Make sure to brush your clip-ins using a recommended hair extension brush. Never leave them in a tangled mess and store them in a cool, dry place.

Always wash your clip-in hair extensions using a gentle shampoo and conditioner after using a styling product, such as hairspray. However, keep in mind that frequent washing strips away their oils, so it’ll be faster for them to become dry. After washing, leave your hair extensions to air dry overnight and apply an intensive conditioning serum.

For Permanent Hair Extensions

For those who want a fuss-free method of wearing beautifully long tresses, permanent hair extensions are the solution. These come in different types: micro ring, nano ring, weft, and tape. While permanent extensions weave seamlessly with your natural hair, they require special attention, just like clip-ins.

Remember that the number one enemy of extensions is tangling. While sleeping, secure your hair in a low braid to keep them from scrunching into a knotted disaster. When brushing, avoid pulling and tugging the bonds by using a gentle brush specifically designed for hair extensions. You also want to limit the frequency of washing to a maximum of three times a week. Over-the-counter shampoos and conditioners may contain harsh ingredients, so be sure to stick with your salon-approved hair extension cleaners.

Lastly, mind how you style your permanent extensions. While there are now heat-resistant synthetic wefts, it’s still advisable to keep your heated tools at their lowest settings to avoid direct damage.

The Secret to Soft, Shiny Hair

Our natural, growing hair is protected from harsh elements by a natural oil called sebum. It is secreted by the scalp’s sebaceous glands and is attached to individual follicles. It’s nature’s way of coating our tresses to make sure they’re hydrated so they can stay tangle-free.

Unfortunately, fake hair cannot produce these natural oils. New hair extensions are soft and shiny because manufacturers coat them with special conditioners. With washing and general wearing, however, their strands lose this protective coating. Over time, they get dry, brittle, and damaged.

There are ways to recreate the effects of sebum on your hair extensions. Most salons and hair boutiques offer silicone-based serums or conditioners that make clip-ins and weaves looking shiny as new. If you’re dealing with old, dried-out extensions, you may be able to restore them using these products.

If you’re looking for hair extensions in London, Ontario, visit GT Hair Boutique today. Ask our friendly hair specialists for a free consultation—we’re happy to help!

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