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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Hair Extensions Effectively

People who struggle to grow out their hair can depend on human hair extensions to acquire a natural look that blends seamlessly with their short hair. You can look and feel your best without having to wait for your natural hair to reach your desired length again!

Hair extensions serve as a worthwhile investment because they comprise a set of hair that can provide the length, volume, and texture that you want your hairstyle to be. However, part of owning extensions is going out of your way to care for them to maintain their upkeep, so you can keep benefitting from them for a long time.

Similar to washing your hair and taking care of your skin every day, your extensions require proper management as well. Keep reading below to find out how to prolong the lifespan of your hair extensions in simple but effective methods.

Put Away Your Hair Extensions Properly

An integral part of having your own set of hair extensions is knowing how to store them correctly, preserving their excellent state. Once you’re done using your extensions for the day, you should keep the clips shut, brush the hair, and put them away!

For best results, you should keep extensions in their designated box or their carrier. Alternative compartments for your hair extensions include an airtight container or a shoebox to ensure that it won’t get tangled, lost, or ruined out in the open!

Brush Your Hair Extensions Regularly

You can guarantee your extensions remain in mint condition if you make a habit of brushing them often with the proper tools. It’s vital to incorporate the correct brush, such as a loop brush, soft bristle brush, or a wide-tooth comb. Unfortunately, traditional hair brushes specifically made for natural hair tend to damage the extensions.

When you’re combing your hair extensions, wait for them to be completely dry because brushing them when they’re still wet can cause them to break, especially if there are knots present.

Refrain from Applying Multiple Hair Products

An integral way to prolong your hair extensions is to avoid applying too many hair products because, at the end of the day, you will need to remove them if you want your extensions to last. When you use several hair products, your extensions have a huge chance of breaking.

Styling products can build up in your hair extensions and affect their quality. The only time you should put on multiple hair products is if you need to—and if you do, you must take preventive measures, such as incorporating a heat protectant spray before utilizing a straightener or curler.

Own Several Sets of Hair Extensions

If you’re someone who likes to change their hairstyle more than usual, it will help to have more than one set of hair extensions.

It's up to you if you want one curly set and the other a straight-set of extensions, allowing you to avoid always having to use a curling iron or a straightener to get your desired look. You can also get extensions in different colors to match your mood and prevent wearing out your other extensions!


It’s pretty easy to take care of your hair extensions because it’s similar to maintaining your natural hair. If you want to keep using your extensions for a longer period, you should remember to put them away properly, brush them regularly, and avoid applying too many hair products. For those who have the funds to spend on more hair extensions, it will also help to own multiple sets to keep you from wearing out your extensions too much!

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