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How To Blend Clip In Extensions With Thinning Hair

Hair extensions provide women across the world the ability to add instant length to their mane without committing to it. This gives the ladies plenty of room to play around with different styles and lengths all in one swift click.

The instant gratification and liberty in style is a reliable confidence booster as it can add volume from your root to tip, which can shave years off your appearance. Not to mention, freedom makes it easy to experiment with different looks on the go - from ponytail to top knots, the possibilities are limitless.

However, women struggling with thin hair often find extensions a challenging ordeal to apply. With that in mind, it’s best to choose 120g hair extensions for those with thinner hair. If you want to clip-on extensions to add some shine and lustre to your mane, the steps below should help you stick the extensions on naturally with ease.

What You Will Need:

● Complete set of clip-ins

● Soft brush

● Clips

Tip #1: Create a Solid Base for the Wefts

The first step is crucial as it will ensure that your extensions have something solid to hold onto. With that in mind, start by creating a firm and thick base. This is where you need to clip the weft, which will help secure the extensions in place without pulling on your natural hair.

For women with thinning hair, you can thicken your base by teasing the roots of the areas where you will clip on the weft.

Tip #2: Find Your Head’s Safe Zone

A safe zone indicates the areas on your head that will fully cover the clip-ins. Finding a safe zone is generally easier for ladies with thicker hair, but for fine locks, it’s best to add extensions anywhere beneath the line of your eyebrows.

This is because your roots will quickly reveal your extensions as the hair becomes thinner at the top, so it’s best to find the safest spot in your head where you can safely blend the extensions with your natural mane.

Tip #3: Tease Your Crown

After clipping in the extensions at your head’s safe zone, it’s only natural to find the lower body of your hair looking thicker than your crown. The noticeable difference can be an eye-sore, so it’s best to blend the added volume by teasing your crown to create an even, harmonious and voluminous hairdo.

Tip #4: Layer Your Extensions

Adding layers to your look can make a world of difference in its overall aesthetic impact. Layering your clip-ons not only gives your hair some body and a sense of style, but it can also help you establish a numbering system for the wefts so that you know where to clip in the extensions in the future.

Tip #5: Style Your Extensions

Letting your extensions fall into place looks amazing as it is, but going the extra mile by adding waves, curls, or straightening your locks can enhance the natural look further. Styling your extensions allows it to blend with fine hair, ensuring that it flows into one another until it creates a seamless look.

Wrapping Up

Hair extensions are an ideal addition to your beauty routine as it allows women to experiment with different styles without running into the risk of hair damage. It’s also a confidence booster for those with fine hair as it doesn’t fail to add volume to one’s locks, allowing them to feel proud of their crown.

If you’re looking for clip in hair extensions in London Ontario, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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