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Factors to Consider Before Getting Your Own Hair Extensions

If you want a quick and effective way to style your hair without dealing with the consequences the moment you end up not liking what you did, you could opt for temporary solutions. One essential method that can solve your hair problems is getting hair extensions.

Hair extensions can be made from synthetic or human hair. Depending on your preference, both options work to change your appearance and meet your needs. Now you can have the exact length, color, and style you desire without making permanent decisions right away!

Before you start ordering your hair extensions, you must first know the things involved that could ultimately help you decide to go for it or hold back until later because they’re an investment. Keep reading below to find out essential things to know about hair extensions.

The Cost to Invest in Hair Extensions

Since hair extensions are made from different materials, you can already expect that they will come at various prices. Other aspects that can affect how much they will cost include their length, weight, and quality.

Despite treating hair extensions as a temporary solution, you could turn them into a semi-permanent method when you seek a salon’s service, which ultimately involves more costs. If you wish to invest in high-quality extensions, human hair extensions may be the perfect option for you.

Whatever you decide to get, take note that your expenses don’t end once you acquire the hair extensions you want. You will still have to make an effort to take care of them to maintain their excellent condition, letting you continue benefiting from them for a long time.

The Lifecycle of Hair Extensions

Like all things, nothing will last forever. When it comes to hair extensions, their quality and your maintenance will affect how long you can expect to keep using your extensions. If you opt for Remy human hair extensions, since they comprise human hair, you can use them for over a year.

Meanwhile, if you select virgin hair extensions, since they’ve never been dyed, processed, or chemically treated, they can last longer than a year with proper maintenance. You can use semi-permanent hair extensions within three to six months and clip-in hair extensions and halo extensions from six to twelve months.

Unfortunately, you can’t expect hair extensions made from synthetic materials to be as durable as human hair extensions. They undergo wear and tear more often, eventually losing their good appearance after only a couple of washing and drying, so they can only last for up to two months.

The Best Kind of Hair Extensions

If you’re hoping to acquire the best hair extensions, you should go for Remy hair extensions from the start. It contains 100% human hair and undergoes a meticulous process to guarantee its hair falls in one direction and won’t give you a hard time keeping the strands in place.

You know you own high-quality hair extensions if they don’t become tangled quickly, giving you an easier time taming the hair and managing them to become smooth and silky. If you want another option, virgin human hair extensions also provide fantastic results since they contain healthy hair too.


Wearing hair extensions allows you to look and feel your best every time you dress up for an occasion, a momentous event, or you simply want to change your hairstyle every day. Before you’re set to buy for yourself, useful hair extension tips include knowing the price of the different hair extensions, their lifecycle, and the best kind of hair extensions available in the market.

Are you looking to invest in the best hair extensions in Ontario? GT Hair Boutique provides products and services for premium quality human hair extensions. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!

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