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Clip-In Hair Extensions 101: Does It Really Damage Hair

There is no doubt how hair extensions can make someone’s hair look more styled, longer, and volumized without bringing it much damage. For people looking for a quick and easy fix, wearing a hair extension would be a good option. If you choose to go this route, you have many choices to select from. The most popular, however, are the sew-in and clip-in hair extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions are the go-to extensions of people who do not want to commit to lengthy and full hair for a long time. After all, it is for temporary use that is also the fastest and easiest to use among all the available options. You can install it on your own or ask a professional to put and style it for you.

Despite all these positive things, more people are still hesitant to use a clip-in hair extension for safety reasons. They fear that the clip-in extensions would eventually damage their hair! In this article, we will answer the common questions asked about clip-in hair extensions’ safety concerns.

Are Clip-In Hair Extensions Damaging to the Hair?

Among the many options of hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions are considered the least damaging. If safety is your main concern, there is not much to worry about this hair extension type because of the following reasons:

● They are easy to put in and remove, therefore, not affecting your hair that much.

● Attached at their ends are smooth silicone-coated clips that allow the extension to stay firm and in place. At the same time, this feature prevents the extensions from tugging your natural hair. In short, they would not scratch your scalp!

● Clip-in hair extensions do not use chemicals, heat, glue, or tape, thus lessening the possible damaging effects to your hair.

What to Do to Avoid Hair Damage with Clip-In Extensions

Whether you would get damaged hair or not depends on your chosen hair extension and how you use it. Here are some things you can do to avoid hair breakage:

● Only buy extensions of the right weight. In general, clip-in hair extensions weighing 120 grams or less only cause minor damage—if any—as they do not put a strain on your hair and scalp.

● Always remove your hair extensions before going to bed. When you sleep, movements such as tossing and turning are expected. Keeping the extensions in your hair while doing these actions would only put a strain on your hair!

● Remove your extensions gently; avoid pulling them out. Instead, brush your hair gently to separate the attachments from the natural hair. Also, work in sections to make sure all parts and sides are removed.

● Stop using hair extensions that irritate your scalp.


Clip-in hair extensions are your best option if you want a less damaging hair accessory. To make sure that they would not harm your hair, use a quality extension of the right weight, ensure to use it the proper way, and only use it occasionally. Incorrect usage of the clip-in hair extensions would only result in hair damage! As such, do your research and seek the advice of hair experts if you need assistance.

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