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Clearing Up 5 Misconceptions About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great asset to achieve gorgeous and flowy hair. However, myths about hair extensions are relatively abundant despite being untrue. If you’re hesitant about purchasing because of a warning you heard from a relative or acquaintance, try to research first.

Continue reading to debunk some of the most popular misconceptions about hair extensions.

1. Will hair extensions damage your hair?

Nope. The possibility of having your hair ruined or thinned out by hair extensions usually scares off people. However, it’s too general of a statement as hair extensions typically won’t damage your hair. Permanent extensions that have been glued can affect your natural hair, but temporary hair extensions worn for a few hours will do nothing but enhance your hair.

Daily wearers can attest those hair extensions are just harmless. With proper care and removal, your hair won't be disheveled at all.

2. Will hair extensions look fake?

No. The common criticism that hair extensions won’t blend into natural hair is usually a result of lousy placement and wrong hairstyle. Clipping and styling properly are vital to making the hair extensions look like a part of your hair. It can take some practice, but once you’re a pro, your hair will look fabulous without question.

Another tip to avoid faux-looking hair extensions is being mindful of the material and color-matching. Between Remy human hair and synthetic hair extensions, Remy is of better quality.

3. Are hair extensions high maintenance?

Not really. The majority of the market for hair extensions doesn't want to have professional salon care or maintenance at every waking moment, making clip-ons a perfect option. Hair extensions don't have to be washed as often as natural hair. It's recommended to clean them every 15 uses. Be careful with the extension tracks when washing them.

You can carefully store them away when you’re taking a break from hair extensions. Not wearing the extensions will entail more uses in the long run. Just gently brush them from time-to-time to remove any tangles.

4. Will hair extensions burden you?

Not necessarily. When browsing hair extensions online, you'll notice that the weight is already included in the listing. About 125 grams of hair extensions will just be an extra 125 grams on your head, which will only feel a little heavy on the first wear. It can take some getting used to, but it won't bring any unease when you begin to wear them regularly.

If you feel dizzy or have any headaches, try hair extensions that won’t weigh as much. Get a thinner set that weighs around 30-70 grams. Slowly increase them until you’re comfortable.

5. Can you style hair extensions?

Yup! Hair extensions let you experiment with different hairstyles. You can try on braids or tight curls and see if you can pull it off. Just be sure to check if the hair extensions you got are heat-resistant before whipping out your curling iron or straightener.

You can also ask for advice from fellow enthusiasts on how they like to style their hair extensions. Who knows, what works for others might work for you too.


When you’ve finally decided on getting hair extensions, you can finally take pictures like a baddie with luscious locks. Just be cautious in handling the hair extensions and applying them to your scalp. Owning them doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that either.

Are you shopping for some clip-in hair extensions in Ontario? GT Hair Boutique is London, Ontario’s hair extension experts offering premium quality human hair extensions. Get in touch now!

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