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Break the Taboo of Hair Extension- Why They Should be Worn Confidently

Even though hair extensions have helped hundreds of thousands of people change their looks

and achieve their dream hairstyle, they still suffer from a bad reputation. Some people turn their

nose up on hair extensions because the ones they encounter are often made of synthetic

materials and jut out awkwardly from the scalp. Others believe that wearing hair extensions

makes you “fake,” although this is not the case.

Despite the unfair stigma surrounding hair extensions, they have helped countless people fix a

bad haircut, add more volume to their hair, or try out a new hairstyle without committing to the

change. For all its benefits, hair extensions should be worn with confidence, mainly when they

help you create a beautiful look.

Popular Reasons for Getting Hair Extensions

Before we start breaking the taboo of hair extensions, it’s vital first to understand the many

reasons people buy them in the first place. For starters, there are many kinds of hair extensions

available that allow people to achieve just about any look. From clip-in hair extensions to bangs

to ponytail extensions, you can drastically change your hairstyle in a matter of minutes. For

example, you can go from a sharp bob to a thick, voluminous ponytail that would rival Ariana

Grande’s with the right hair extensions, adding endless possibilities to the looks you can try!

Speaking of Ariana Grande, she—along with many other celebrities—has admitted to wearing

hair extensions to create their ideal hairstyle. Many of their looks are impossible to achieve

without extra help, and they all wear them with pride. Since hair extensions are trendy among

celebrities, their fans will follow suit, which is excellent for shattering the stigma.

Apart from experimenting without committing to the hairstyle, hair extensions can also help you

address what you don’t like about your hair. If you think it falls too flat, hair extensions can add

some volume and help you feel more confident about your look. If you decided to cut your

bangs and things didn’t go as planned, adding clip-in bangs will remedy your look right away.

Regardless of the reason, using hair extensions is an excellent way of addressing any issues or

changing your appearance without damaging your hair. After all, that’s what makes them so

popular in the first place!

Why Hair Extensions Get a Bad Reputation

Even with all the benefits that hair extensions offer, it still suffers from a bad reputation. Some

people believe that bonding, clipping, taping, or weaving hair into your head makes you less

authentic, even though it doesn’t do anything other than boosting your confidence. Admittedly,

some of the stigmas may come from poorly manufactured hair extensions, which immediately

cheapen the overall look, which is why choosing human hair extensions is essential.

Another reason that hair extensions receive some eye-rolls is the belief that they’re difficult to

maintain. However, the truth is that they’re easy to take care of, and having the right products

make them even easier to keep in great shape. No one will even know you’re wearing artificial

locks when you care for them properly!


Everyone dreams of having lush, voluminous hair that acts precisely how we want them to.

Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case, which is why many people resort to having their hair

professionally treated at the salon. Luckily, using clip-in hair extensions and their other variants

can help you bypass these treatments and change your hairstyle without subjecting it to heat or

abrasive chemicals. With so much to gain from hair extensions, it makes sense to wear yours

with confidence, allowing you to break one taboo at a time.

GT Hair Boutique is the leading supplier of premium quality human hair extensions in London,

Ontario. We also have over 20 years of hair braiding expertise, allowing us to give you your

dream hairstyle quickly and efficiently. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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