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Best Hair Extension Options for Fine Hair

Hair extensions can be an excellent solution for clients looking to fill out thickness or add length. However, for thin-haired women, tugging or discomfort can be a cause for major insecurities. In many cases, these fears can be valid, as improperly attached hair extensions can cause real damage or cause bonds to show. But hair extensions can be an excellent solution for finer-haired women, especially now that they come in dozens of varieties. The next time you come across a client on the fence, consider offering these extension insights to help direct them towards the best solution for their hair.

Tape-In: A Lighter Option

To achieve a seamless extension on finer-haired women, tape-ins are the safest and most reliable method. Unlike a glued extension, tape-ins require no tools. The weft model allows stylists to distribute the weight of the extensions evenly across a wider swath of hair. There is also minimal tugging as the tape adhesives are applied gently and seamlessly. If your client prefers a lighter weight, you can choose to install the tape-in extensions with single-sided tape instead.

Tape-ins last for an average of eight weeks. As natural hair grows, it will overtake the length of the tape-in extensions over time. To increase the longevity of tape-ins, consider re-applying them with your client a ½ inch lower upon every visit.

Clip-In: A Temporary Option

Much like tape-ins, clip-ins have a wider weft model, allowing for even weight distribution across a large swath of hair. Clip-ins also make for customizable solutions, allowing you to remove and adjust extensions according to how a customer sees fit. They make an excellent gateway to more permanent extensions, as they allow clients to sample the extension before making a final choice. To create extra grip, advise your clients to apply dry shampoo before clipping their extensions in. You can also demonstrate to them how to twist the hair before fastening the clip for a more secure fit.

Clip-in hair extensions last anywhere between 3 to 6 months, depending on how well your client cares for them. If they enjoy styling their hair and often apply heating products, be sure to supply them with genuine hair clip-ins as opposed to synthetic ones.

Babe Crown: No Pressure Option

An instant extension option, Babe Crown does not attach or hang from the client’s natural hair. Instead, it sits on the crown of the head and is suspended from a headband-like wire, much like a hair topper. Babe Crown is ideal for clients who are looking to add length and volume to their hair without the long-term commitment of more permanent professional methods. They install and uninstall in moments, which allows clients to try out a sample piece that they can adjust according to their comfort level.

When properly cared for, Babe Crown extensions last for up to a year or longer. Advise your client to wash the extensions after 3 to 4 uses and to apply only sulphate-free products. Remind them to avoid swimming or sleeping with the extensions on and to always store them properly after use.


It’s normal for thin-haired clients to be unsure of their options—but that’s where we come in!

At GT Hair Boutique, we offer hair extensions in London, Ontario that best suit your needs. We install only the most premium quality products and prioritize your comfort and confidence!

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