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7 Tips to Utilize and Keep Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you're trying to find the secret to having luscious and voluminous hair, the secret is probably what lies in between the locks. Clip-in hair extensions have been a game-changer both on social media and in-person when it comes to hair transformation and styling.

However, despite looking so good when it’s finally in place, there is a process of application to be had before you’re all picture-ready. Plus, there’s an aftercare routine for the hair extensions since they aren’t made for just one-time use. Here are a couple of tips and tricks that you should apply when using and maintaining your extensions.

1. Tend to the Natural Roots

Clip-in hair extensions should be able to sit comfortably in your hair. Your natural hair roots will be bearing the brunt of an extension's weight, so it can help to prep before everything else is applied. Take care of the tangles. A tooth comb is probably the last thing you'd want to use; take a bristle brush to comb back the roots. Add a bit of hair spray to put in a bit of texture after.

2. Hide and Blend Seamlessly

The thing about clip-in hair extensions is that they can look very real when done right. It isn’t enough just to clip them and hope for the best. Ideally, they would be concealed and blend in with your natural hair. The layers are relatively easy to deal with, but the bottom clip-in hair extension tends to stick out the most, so work on hiding that best.

3. Create Ponytails

So many people may want to rock a ponytail, only to realize that their hair is too thin. Having clip-in hair extensions and clipping them upside down can help solve that problem immediately. Your locks will start looking thick and much more lively after having clip-in hair extensions.

4. Practice Your Placement

Unlike the alternative of a wig, clip-in hair extensions are very versatile in how you will be placing them. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different ways of putting them on. Positioning and placement of the hair extensions can make a difference in how your face is framed.

5. Wash the Hair Extensions

If you’re hoping to keep your hair extensions around for a long time, proper maintenance is needed. Just like regular hair, they do need to be washed after use. Be a little wary of the shampoo you’re going to use as hair extensions turn brittle much quicker than regular hair.

6. Brush the Hair Extensions

Only brush your hair extensions when they're dry. They are prone to tangling when wet, but combing through them while they're still damp can cause a lot of hair fall and make the extensions less thick than they are.

7. Store the Hair Extensions

When your clip-in hair extensions aren’t in use or when you’re heading to bed, it’d be best to remove and store them away. Use a scrunchie to tie the extension pieces together and place them away from sunlight.


Following and doing these tips can help prolong the state of your clip-in hair extensions instead of allowing them to wither and fall apart. Their pristine condition is needed if you're hoping to have them applied and reused on you.

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