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6 Facts About Curly Hair Extensions

Not everyone is gifted with gorgeous, curly locks. The good news is that the modern times that we now live in have made it possible to have curly hair. No, it doesn’t involve going to the salon and getting a perm. This is more of a temporary yet very convenient fix that can make your curly hair dreams come true. If you haven't guessed it yet, it's curly hair extensions!

Curly hair extensions work very similarly to any other hair extensions, the only difference being that it’s curly. If you plan to get one for yourself, you need to know some important facts that you probably don't know until now.

Keep on reading to find out the six important facts about curly hair extensions that you may not know.

There are naturally curly hair extensions

It’s common to find processed curly hair extensions that lead many people to believe that these are the only curly extensions available. The problem with processed ones is that they look obvious, and that’s what you want to avoid with hair extensions.

Know that there are actually natural curly hair extensions that you can purchase in the market. Yes, they may be costlier than their processed counterparts, but they’re worth the price. A natural hair extension has the hair cuticle running in the same direction and in one place, which is what you must be aiming for when hair extension shopping.

Some hair extensions companies perm & treat curly hair extensions

Yes, if you didn't already know, such hair extensions do exist. If you’re fine with wearing a treated and permed hair extension, then, by all means, get yourself one.

If you’re looking for quality extensions that you can use for a long period, it’s best to go with naturally curly hair extension. When a hair is treated and permed, they don’t typically last very long, and they are more prone to wear and tear, similar to natural hair.

Curly hair extensions can loosen over time

Curly hair extensions may loosen over time, especially the ones that have been treated. If you purchase treated curly hair extensions, you may need to treat or perm them again when you see signs of loose curls.

You can cut or colour them

If you want a new hairstyle, know that you can always cut and colour your curly hair extensions. Keep in mind, however, that you need to pay more attention to its maintenance once you treat it. If you do not know how to do it by yourself, you can always go to a hairstylist for help, especially because the colour on curls can get tricky.

You need to use plenty of water to wash it

Aside from using plenty of water to wash your curly hair extensions, you may want to invest in the best products to maintain them. You also need to refresh your hair extensions with water at least once a week, especially if you use it every day.

Air drying your extensions is best

If you want your curly hair extensions to dry fast, be sure to air dry it. Separate the curls and let them air dry or you can secure it to a plastic hanger and let it air dry. Know that air drying allows the extension to expand and produce fluffier curls.

Knowing all these essential facts will help you make the most out of your curly hair extensions. In finding a curly hair extension, be sure that you also purchase it from a reputable brand to ensure its quality.

If you are looking for hair extensions in London, Ontario, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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