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5 Must-Have Products for Gorgeous Hair Extension Styling

If you own hair extensions, you know how incredible they are in transforming your look. Not only do they give you more volume and length to work with if you want more elaborate hairstyles, but they also provide you with instant glamour. With the convenience they offer and the amazing results they deliver, you want to give them some TLC and ensure that they last for as long as possible.

When it comes to taking care of your hair extensions, the right styling products can make all the difference. They can keep your clip-ins looking healthy and help prevent damage.

If you are wondering what products you could use to style your hair extensions and keep them in the best condition at the same time, here are five must-have products our experts suggest:

1. Dry Shampoo

Keep in mind that overwashing your hair extensions can shorten their lifespan. But if you use them regularly, they can be as oily and dirty as your natural hair. To freshen it up between washes, you are going to need some dry shampoo. This will absorb excess oil and eliminate any unpleasant smell from the hair. It’s also a useful product when you want your updo to stay in place because it adds more grip to the extensions!

2. Hair Oils

Your clip-in hair extensions do not get any nutrients and moisture from your head compared to your hair, so they usually dry fast. One way to ensure that they get the nourishment they need is by applying hair oils. The best ones for hair are argan, coconut, and castor oil, which can help extend the life of your hair extensions and help keep frizz at bay.

At the same time, just be careful not to apply too much, or it could weigh the hair down. Have a few drops of oil in your hands and run them over your extensions to keep them glossy. Nourishing oils are also best applied after washing and drying the clip-ins.

3. Heat Protectant

As mentioned above, hair oils are great for hair extensions. Yet, they can only do so much if you consistently subject your clip-ins to heat-styling tools like straightening or curling irons and hair dryers. To give them extra protection, make sure you apply a heat protectant before you style your hair.

4. Detangling Spray

Just like your hair, your clip-in hair extensions can get tangled and knotted as well. This is especially noticeable after you wash them. However, don't get tempted to brush and yank on them to remove the tangles, as that could cause damage.

What helps in this situation are a few spritzes of a detangling spray. You are still going to have to comb the hair (do use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush), but the spray does work wonders. Also, detangling sprays works like a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant, so you’ll get the most of what you pay for them.

5. Anti-Static Spray

Remember that clip-in hair extensions can be prone to static and frizz, which is not a good look, especially when you’re aiming for long and healthy-looking tresses. Thankfully, there are anti-static sprays that are specifically made for this problem. This kind of spray can deliver moisture to your hair extensions and keep them from getting frizzy!


Your hair extensions deserve the best possible care from you, and products like dry shampoos, hair oils, hair protectants, detangling sprays, and anti-static sprays can ensure that your clip-ins look perfect.

Another thing to remember is that the quality of your hair extensions matters. No matter what products you use, if your hair extensions aren’t made of 100% human hair and the quality is not good, you still wouldn’t get the results you want. It all starts with premium-quality Remy hair extensions, such as the ones we offer.

GT Hair Boutique is your best source for the highest quality hair extensions in London, Ontario. Whether you need clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-in weaves, or micro ring hair extensions, you can find them at our boutique in any length and color! Get in touch with our experts today to know more about our selection of hair extensions!

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