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4 Essential Tips To Maintain Your Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

Micro-ring hair extensions—also known as micro-loop hair extensions—are the most preferred among all techniques of applying false hair. What sets it apart from any other method is that it is discreet and non-damaging; plus, there’s no need for an adhesive to secure it to your natural strands. As a result, you will experience an extremely natural-looking, secure, and enduring hair extension.

If you are a woman who opts for micro-ring extensions to make your hair look longer and fuller, you should know how to make it last through its expected lifespan of four to six months. No matter how well they are attached or how fine the hair quality, these extensions still need proper care to maintain their quality and make them look consistently fabulous!

In this post, GT Hair Boutique will give you four essential tips on maintaining your micro-ring hair extension to preserve its longevity and appearance.

1. Always Brush Your Hair

The enemy of hair extensions is tangling, so you should avoid it at all costs. You can prevent this from happening by constantly brushing your hair in a gentle motion. Pull all of your hair to one side and hold it with one hand. Begin brushing the ends of your hair until you’ve removed the tangles and the brush is gliding down smoothly.

Keeping hold of your hair as you brush will ensure that you are not pulling your hair extensions down while working on detangling the ends. Slowly go upwards until you reach your natural hair. Never use a fine-tooth comb in detangling your hair—this will only hurt your roots!

2. Be as Gentle as Possible

Do not tie your hair back in a tight ponytail, as it will weaken the joins of your extensions. Tying your hair tight is terrible even for natural hair, and with extensions on, it may cause a lot more damage. Similarly, do not use hot oils, head lice treatments, or anti-dandruff shampoos because they will also damage the joins.

3. Braid Your Hair Before Sleep

Braiding your hair will help you avoid tangles in your micro-ring hair extensions. Everyone moves a lot when asleep, so it will be helpful to tie your hair in a loose braid. Although it is safe to sleep while your extensions are on, it is best to know what other things you can do before sleeping with your hair extensions to avoid tangles, mats, and other damages.

4. Don’t Go Into the Pool

Swimming pools contain chlorine, which can cause tremendous damage to false or natural hair. When you swim in chlorinated water, your hair tends to harden and become rough, making it hard to manage. Most likely, the same will happen in any hair extension type, so as much as possible, do not soak your hair in pool water.

If you want to enjoy the pool, try to keep your hair from getting wet, or soaking underwater for long periods. Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all traces of chlorine.


With these easy tips for maintaining your micro-ring hair extensions, you’ll be able to make your hair look healthy and natural-looking. Even simple hair tips can make your locks last longer and avoid premature damage, so ensure that you take every measure to preserve their quality.

When you're ready to have your micro-ring hair extensions and you want to consult with a reputable hair technician in town, come over to GT Hair Boutique! We offer the best hair extensions in Ontario, London, whether you want a clip-in, tape-in, micro ring, sew-in to hair braiding. Book your appointment with us today!

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