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3 Reasons To Switch To Micro Link Extensions

Micro link or micro ring hair extensions are the smallest and most unnoticeable non-glue hair extensions available on the market today. This type of extension combines strands of natural hair using micro links, sometimes referred to as “tubes.” These tubes are made of either copper or aluminum, and some of these have a thin non-slip silicone layer inside to provide cushioning and a better grip.

If you have been wearing hair extensions for a while now and are looking for new extensions to try out, then here are three reasons why you need to switch to using micro links extensions:

1. It’s healthier for your hair

Micro link extensions don’t require to be glued, thus ensuring a mess-free application process. This is also why it is considered to be a very safe and non-damaging extension for your hair. Additionally, it doesn’t use harsh chemicals to remove the attachments. When done correctly—meaning the sectioning is neat, and the weight is evenly distributed—it allows your natural hair to still grow healthy.

2. It looks natural when worn

Anyone can wear micro link extensions since it comes in various colours, hair tones, sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. Hairstylists usually use multiple sizes of micro links to give an even weight distribution to the head. They attach regular-sized links to bigger hair strands to the back of the head, and attach smaller links to the sides and top of the head, to make it appear flat and less noticeable. Doing this technique helps the link extensions blend more seamlessly into your natural hair.

Additionally, hair stylists can adjust the micro link extensions to make it work better with your hairstyle. Before they attach the extensions onto your hair, they will ask about your lifestyle and your preferred hairstyles. For instance, if you told them that you wear high ponytails, they will attach the extensions further away from your hairline so it wouldn’t get damaged or removed when you’re styling your hair.

3. It can last for a couple of years

Everyone experiences daily hair fall. When wearing link extensions, however, you won’t be able to brush out all that falling hair, which may cause your hair to tangle. This is why customers are encouraged to visit hair salons 2-3 months to maintain their hair extensions.

Hairstylists will brush out all the shedding hair from your extensions. They will also re-attach those to a new section of your natural hair to allow the other strands of your hair to breathe. With proper maintenance and regular salon visits, your micro link extensions can last you a long time—usually for a couple of years.


Micro link extensions are the safest and most practical hair extensions to date. Your hair won’t get damaged because link extensions don’t need any harsh chemicals to be attached to or removed from your natural hair. It also looks more natural compared to other types of extensions, as hairstylists make sure to even the weight distribution and sectioning of extensions. More than that, micro link extensions will save you costs, as with proper maintenance, these extensions can last you a long, long time.

If you want to get hair extensions in London, Ontario, visit us at GT Hair Boutique. We make sure that our clients are getting premium quality human hair extensions at an affordable price!

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