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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extension

For most of us, hair is everything. For women, it’s the first noticeable component of our beauty, and we feel that it enhances our personality. The way our hair is styled does not only dictate our entire look; its health and appearance also contribute greatly to our confidence and self-esteem. Indeed, it’s one of the most important factors in setting the tone for how we behave and interact with other people.

Thankfully, we now have ways to switch up our style, address hair concerns, and restore our confidence by using hair extensions. And now, we’re taking this opportunity to address the three most frequently asked questions about hair extensions.

Question #1: How Do I Choose Hair Extensions?

This part is simple. When choosing hair extensions, always opt for top-quality human hair extensions. These extensions don’t just look beautiful, but they’re precisely like natural hair. They will last much longer than cheap synthetic hair extensions and will retain their healthy, glamorous appearance.

Besides choosing the type of hair extensions, you must also consider the length that you desire, the color that will blend best with your natural hair, and the placement of extensions on your head. Remember that you always want something that looks natural, volumized, and alive. Additionally, note that you can prevent pain and discomfort by ensuring precise and even application away from the hairline and scalp.

Question #2: How Do I Take Care of My Hair Extensions?

Sulfate-free shampoo, less frequent washing, regular brushing, and daily use of a leave-in conditioner are typical hair extension care recommendations. You may even consult with your stylist regularly to verify that all extensions are properly positioned. Brush your extensions every day to keep them tangle-free. You should also avoid the roots when applying conditioner. To avoid damage, apply a heat protectant spray before using hot styling equipment.

Additionally, avoid tangles by never going to bed with wet hair extensions, sleeping with your hair in a loose braid, and swimming in a loose braid or bun. Usual mistakes committed by first-time hair extension users are choosing the wrong stylist and using too few or too many extensions. These two mistakes can deliver bad results and affect your confidence.

Question #3: Can Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

Hair extensions will not harm your hair if they are chosen and put correctly. However, it is critical to select high-quality, real human hair extensions to avoid any hair damage. Consider the kind and health of your hair as well. For example, damaged or thin hair should avoid fusion hair extensions as well as anything that pulls with adhesive or uses heat.

Although clip-in, tape-in, and halo hair extensions are unlikely to cause harm, semi-permanent hair extensions may cause damage to already damaged or thin hair. Consult your hairdresser so you can avoid using the wrong extensions, apply them incorrectly, and prevent hair loss due to weak or damaged hair roots.


Finally, you’re equipped with fresh knowledge of hair extensions. With your frequently asked questions answered, you’re now one step closer to getting out of your comfort zone and trying new looks. When making the choice, simply select the finest alternatives and consult with a professional. This way, you’ll be guided accordingly to your best hair experience yet.

From style to confidence and convenience, GT Hair Boutique offers premium-quality hair extensions in Ontario and top-rated customer service. Schedule an appointment today!

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