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2 Easy Methods To Blend Hair Extensions With Curly Hair

Using hair extensions is an excellent way to experiment with different looks and hair-do without damaging your natural hair's health. From straight and glamorous to big, Hollywood-inspired waves, you can achieve various styles every day effortlessly.

While hair extensions can give you voluminous locks and beautiful curls, is it possible to blend them with your natural, textured, curly locks? It's a resounding yes, and you can do it in two ways:

The Curling Method

Step #1: You need to take extra care of your curls when using the curling method since you will be applying heat. In that regard, wash your hair beforehand and moisturize it well to ensure they don't dry out once you use the curling iron.

Step #2: Be sure to match the barrel of the curling iron with the size of your natural curls. After that, brush through the hair extensions to remove any tangles and prep it up for your curls.

Step #3: After achieving a steady base for your hair extensions, you can either place the hair extensions to your roots and curl it together with your natural hair or curl each weft separately before attaching it.

Step #4: After curling your hair extensions and attaching it to your natural mane, rake your fingers gently through your locks. You can also use a comb to remove tangles and ensure each wave curl up naturally - whether you're going for soft, large curls for a feminine, night-out vibe or a tighter set.

If you still need more time to let the curls of your hair extensions drop to a more relaxed texture, you can use a hanger to leave them hanging overnight to let gravity do the work for you.

The Heat-Free Method

Step #1: Just like the curling method, it's always best to wash and condition your natural hair to ensure it's at its best state when applying for the extensions.

Step #2: After drying out your locks, you can now spritz water on your hair extensions and add some oil to keep it as moisturized as your locks.

Step #3: Layout each waft and braid it using three small strands. Of course, it should match your curls, so if you have kinkier locks, you can go for a smaller strand braid. Meanwhile, loose curls should have larger strands. This ensures your extensions will blend with the natural texture of your curls.

Step #4: Leave your wafts to dry overnight, but you can speed up the process by blow-drying them gently. Just be sure to apply some heat protectant spray to protect your hair extensions.

Step #5: Once the braids are dry, you can start to undo the braids by combing through the strands carefully. This will result in stunning, wavy wefts that will add more volume to your natural curls.

The Bottom Line

Blending your hair extensions with curly hair can be a more straightforward process since it's easier to hide the clips using your natural, beautiful curls. Whether you're going for the curling or heating method, both will result in a glamorous, natural look!

If you're looking for clip-in hair extensions and wig selections in London, Ontario, get in touch with us today! We're happy to help.

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